How Sabri Suby Sets An Example For His Clients

Empathy is what drives Suby to make sure his clients succeed.

Digital marketing can be seen as a lucrative industry due to its highly competitive nature in the online world. Some agencies create false claims, exaggerate figures, and overpromise without delivering the results. These companies are unreliable when it comes to delivering digital marketing services since they can’t walk the talk.

But the founder of King Kong, Sabri Suby, knows better. After studying the field of SEO for many years, he started his own digital marketing agency with just $50 in the bank. Because of that, he knows exactly how smaller businesses struggle to gain leverage in their respective industries.

As he said in Dynamic Business, “What makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition is that we not only guarantee results, we also apply — every single day — the same methodology we teach and implement for our clients.”

For Suby, digital marketing is not just a numbers game. One principle he applies is the psychology of buying and selling. King Kong gets to know their clients and their needs, as well as how they think and feel, to create marketing solution strategies. Subsequently, the agency teaches their clients to get to know their consumers needs as well.

Another principle he shares with clients is having a growth mindset. Suby himself practices this, from bootstrapping during his early years to taking huge leaps into becoming Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agency.

With the upcoming international expansion of King Kong Sabri Suby presents a story of success that clients will want to emulate.

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