How Shop Fitouts Can Lure Back Customers To Physical Stores

Brick and mortar stores are experiencing intense pressure because of the growing popularity of online shopping. The most heat is felt by department stores and clothing shops because their products can easily be accessed online. An effective solution for brick and mortar stores is shop fitouts in Canberra to enhance the shopping experience.

This year, David Jones profits was a disappointing A$64 million, half of what was expected. German giant Esprit had to close down its Australian operations because sales have fallen by 40% in the last four years. US-based Gap also closed the last of its Australian stores last February. It is tough times for clothing, footwear and department stores.

Shopping from home is very convenient but there are aspects to the shopping experience that online retailers cannot provide. In order to make shopping more appealing, department stores and clothing retailers are considering consumer behaviour by making them feel more at home in physical stores. Shop fitouts include evoking sensory familiarity by enhancing furnishings, lighting and even scents.

Men’s clothing retailer Rodd & Gunn had a shop fitout that mimics an actual home. It even took homeliness vibe to the extreme by using a slanted wood panel on the ceiling to make it appear like a real roof. In the middle of the shop floor is a space that looks like a living room complete with sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. Artwork on the walls makes a customer feel comfortable and relaxed.

The shop fitout approach is a result of research on familiar design elements that will make shoppers comfortable. Colour and music apparently have no effect but layout and sensory elements can make a big difference. For example, familiar scents can affect the decision to enter the store, to stay longer and to make a purchase. Scents can be very effective particularly when it complements the brand.

Shops and commercial spaces can be organized by shop fitouts in Canberra to enhance the experience of both customers and staff. Space can be maximized without compromising comfort, familiarity and visual appeal. The right combination of furniture, equipment and other materials can provide the commercial space with the feel that you desire.

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