How To Choose A Motorcycle Riding Leather Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is an important accessory that is essential for the safety of the bikers. The right kind of jacket provides optimum functionality along with the right fit and stylish looks. First time bike buyers have to be very careful while choosing safety jackets and other riding gear. They have to consider various factors like their riding style, weather conditions, protection requirement, style etc. before choosing a jacket. Or else, they will end up with an expensive riding gear that does not suit their requirements.

You can find motorbike protective clothing in a variety of textiles and materials. Leather jackets are the most sought after riding gear. Leather jackets offer both style and protection to the wearer.  Here are some tips to help you choose the right leather jacket.


The thickness of a jacket is an important factor to consider. Thicker leather jackets offer optimum protection and are abrasion resistant. Lightweight jackets are better than normal clothing and can protect you from minor slides and slips. Invest in jackets with high thickness for racing and touring whereas the lighter ones are suitable for everyday city riding.

Safety labels

Observe the safety labelling on the jackets before buying them.  Jackets are tested for abrasion resistance and impact protection.  Look for CE or AS label on the jackets to ensure you are investing in a branded product that confirms with the safety standards. European brands have a CE label whereas Australian brands have AS label. Though the American brands do not have any labels, most of the reputed brands have their own in-house testing procedures to ensure the jackets are highly functional.

Weather proof

Choose a leather jacket that offers optimum protection from the elements like winds and rain. Leather is a natural material, good quality leather is water resistant but not water proof. The jacket should have extra layers to water proof it.

Right fit

While buying motorbike protective clothing and riding gear, it is crucial to find one with the right fit. The jacket should fit you snugly and provide optimum protection during slips and slides. At the same time, the jacket should be comfortable and should not restrict your movement while riding. Try the jacket beforehand and pick the one, you are most comfortable to ride in.

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