How To Drop Off Post And Receive Mails From The Local Post Office

The local Thai postal service can handle several cheap mailing services and do daily deliveries to your home. However, if you have visited any of these post offices, you’ll find out how their services suck. Here are some ways to improve the situation through drop off ไปรษณีย์ without the need of leaving your home, paying for expensive supplies, while giving your mail a better shot and having them delivered.

When I was younger, I really loved the post office. Even the postman was a very gentle guy. He brought the mail home, and it was always exciting to receive a surprise letter. When I wanted to mail a letter to a loved one, I had to choose many beautiful stamps from the options. As I grew older, I was introduced to priority mails and something to send the mail through a drop off ไปรษณีย์ without getting too expensive, while reaching its destination in few days.

Then things turned out bad that some staff had to disappear, and the prices went up. New safety laws were initiated making the pickup of mails from residences more difficult. The mails too were frequently lost, and some leaving no traces on where it is. This wasn’t the post office I knew when I was small. So, I wanted to change the outlook of the government and see how the local Thai post office seem to be useful even if delivery services were too slow and unreliable.

Getting Boxes for the Mail

Shipping parcels in the drop off ไปรษณีย์ can get a little expensive; however, the post office can offer free boxes without costing a penny. How to do it will need you to use the Priority Mail service and get the cheapest options for mailing a package. You can visit the local post office and get all the boxes you need, especially if you send frequently. It may be a great idea to keep these boxes at home, so you can prepare everything ahead of time. So, if you want to send some parcels through the post office, you’ll just have a postman come to your home, or you can take it to drop off posts.


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