How To Find Reviews And Ratings In Your I phone

People do not trust advertisements but they believe in the credibility of king kong advertising reviews they read online. Customer feedback provides high-value social proof about a brand. Consumers want to be confident with their purchasing decisions and trust the personal opinions of others; not marketers.

Many consumers voice their displeasure over a third-party app, games, music, TV shows, books, movies, and books through ratings and reviews. However, they also write something good when they are pleased with a product or service.

iPhone users can leave ratings and reviews for apps they bought from the Apple store. However, the ratings and reviews will be attached to the iPhone forever. You can still find and evaluate the ratings and reviews you have posted to see whether they need to be updated or deleted.

Although you might have the same feeling for a lousy TV show that you have recently re-watched, your feelings can change over a book review that you posted years ago. It is very likely that you want to re-visit the review and ratings you left.

You can access the reviews and ratings history from the App Store, iTunes Store Music, TV and Books catalogue by tapping your name at the top of the device to view your Apple ID and then tapping on “Media and Purchases” in the Account Settings where you will find “Ratings and Reviews.”

Since consumers trust king kong advertising reviews, they have to be showcased on the company’s website particularly on the homepage for SEO. Search engines review what people are saying about the brand.

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