How To Hire Drivers For Refrigerated Trucking Services

Just like in any other industry, being in the refrigerated trucking services would require you to hire drivers who would drive your fleet. Hiring drivers for your company is a crucial step because they would be the frontlines of your business. Any misdemeanor or shortcoming on their part would reflect on the way you do business. It would be taken against you and not on your driver. This is the reason why you have to put emphasis on your hiring process.

Check for CDL

One of the things that you should check is driver’s license. It is a minimum requirement and the license should be updated. If the driver has license but is already expired, ask the driver to renew his license before applying for a post in your company.

Ask for driving experience 

Another important information that you want to check when hiring a driver for refrigerated trucking services is his driving experience. Some drivers may be good at commercial driving but there are those who are not good at driving trucks or huge vehicles. If the driver was a previous employee, you might want to ask for an employment certificate or check on his previous employee for feedback and recommendation. You might also want to find out why he resigned from his previous job.

Check for specializations

When doing an interview with an applicant driver, ask for his specialization, if there is any. You might want to know if he has experience driving for hazardous materials such as chemicals, gas and other similar products. Find out what his expertise are and if he can teach or train potential drivers. Expert drivers require higher salary and if you are just starting out, it would be practical for you to look for a driver that can do all-around driving tasks such as refrigerated trucking services. It is also important to check if the driver has tardiness or absenteeism issues and once again, you can check this important detail from his former employer. You might also want to ask for additional character reference that you can call for more background checking.

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