How To Keep The Home Safe From Rodents

During winter, people are not the only ones seeking refuge from the frigid weather. It is common for rodents to find shelter inside a home because they want to escape the cold. Before the rodent population gets out of control, make sure to call the local exterminator services for assessment and control of the rodent issue.

According to a Terminix article, The Life Cycle of a Mouse, a female mouse can produce between 25 and 60 offspring within a single year. The same rodent can immediately mate right after giving birth to her offspring. Since the gestation period is only 19 to 21 days, things can quickly go out of hand. In addition, swift maturation and breeding process, the natural lifespan of rodents can triple once they are indoors and safe from predators.

Meanwhile, Indiana State Department of Health said that one mouse has the capability to produce approximately 18,000 droppings. No property is resistant to rodents. Rodents will try to enter any shelter particularly when there is available food. Most homeowners call pest control providers to eradicate mice because they are afraid of the diseases that can be transmitted by the pests.

Properties that have older fieldstone foundations, crumbling structures and doors that have gaps are very susceptible to rodents. If there is a food source, the rodents can stay in the property forever. To keep rodents away from the property, make sure to seal all cracks and gaps that will allow them to enter.

Another reason for rodents to stick around is the presence of water. Fix leaking faucets and hoses and unclog gutters to prevent a rodent infestation. Grass around the property must be kept short. Trash cans must be tightly covered including bird feeders. Maintaining a clean home and making sure that all food products are kept properly will help in managing a pest problem.

It is common for homeowners to use live traps but these tools can only be successful when used properly. When chemicals are used, it must be the right amount and applied correctly. The best option is to call the local exterminator services who know the proper way of using traps and chemicals.

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