How to Maintain Stone Top Painted Vanity Units

It is only normal for stone top painted vanity units to be frequently exposed to water and moisture. While this can eventually affect the vanity unit, there are ways for you to prolong the unit’s life. Stone basins are maintained and polished differently depending on the type of material used. There are different types of stone vanity units. For instance, a limestone vanity is more porous than granite so it has to be polished more than less porous stones.

Prevention and Maintenance     

Stone is naturally porous so it is prone to stains and dirt accumulation. To prevent grime and mildew build up which can be unsightly, apply proper sealing on the basin’s surface. Some stone basins in the market are not yet sealed so you would have to purchase sealant to prevent damages. Stone sealants are made of wax but there are also those that are specific stone sealers. You can find a variety of stone sealing products in hardware stores. Apply stone sealers at least once a year for best results and wax once in every month.

To prevent the build-up of dirt and stains on your stone top painted vanity units, wipe or clean the surface of your basin every after using. It would be harder to remove stains on your basin surface if they have been sitting for too long since the dirt can penetrate deeper into the porous stone. Another way to maintainyour stone basin is to prevent it from prolonged exposure to water bi-products such as calcium, salt, detergents and lime.


To clean stone top painted vanity units, use sponge or soft nylon brush with a soapy wash cloth. Rinse the basin with ample amount of water to get rid of soap and detergent suds. Dry the surface thoroughly. Wash and clean the stone basin regularly to extend its life and to maintain its good condition. Regular cleaning will also prevent hard water deposits and collection of grime. Apply proper sealant and wax on the surface regularly since stone is prone to water absorption and damage.

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