Ikea Allows Customers To Rent Out Furniture

When you plan to build your own house, of course, it doesn’t stop when the building itself has already been finished. In fact there are lot of things that are yet to be done which may include buying those furniture, equipment, and facilities which are deemed essential. This is particularly important when you are actually living on your own house and you are bound to stay there for a very long time. However, this situation may not be true to a multitude of people. In fact, there is a considerable number of people who just rent out an apartment or live on a house, not of their own, and just pay on a monthly basis or however their agreement with their owners were.

In these kinds of situation, it is therefore arduous to decide whether you are going to buy all those furniture and amenities, yet suffer the moving costs and any other possible constraints later on. Hence, if you are given the opportunity to avail a Bentwood chair hire or any other furniture instead of actually buying them, then that would undeniably be of huge help.

How It Works?

That is exactly what the Swedish furniture brant Ikea wanted to do. Ikea will allow their customers to rent desks, sofas, and beds for a low and affordable price. In order to ensure convenience, the customer would rent the furniture for how long they wanted it to be, before passing on.

This system allows Ikea to uphold their advocacy of reusing, recycling, and repairing their products to promote environmental wellness. This is in partnership with Task Rabbit which allows easier dismantling, moving, and rebuilding.

Student Trial

The company tried their products to students in the Netherlands to rent out their furniture including tables, desks, beds, and chairs for a monthly fee of roughly thirty euros. Fortunately, the study return positive results and the renting out was indeed useful and had a huge potential in the market.

If you could avail a Bentwood chair hire or the renting of any other furniture at an affordable price, then what more could you possibly ask for? Indeed, the project is not only environmentally-friendly, but also customer convenient.

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