Invisible Earpieces For Musicians, Actors And Stage Performers

Students are not the only ones using the invisible earpiece; it is also utilized by musicians while they perform on stage. There are several reports that actors are using earpieces when they have a difficult time memorizing their lines. In some instances, the scripts are rewritten immediately before the shot which requires someone to feed the lines to the actor.

Musicians and actors use several tools during performances. An example is the line feeding earpiece. One of the first to use an earpiece is Angela Lansbury who wore an earpiece under a kooky wig in the 2009 Blithe Spirit. James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson also used earpieces in the 2015 The Gin Game revival. A source also confirms that Bruce Willis used an invisible earpiece in one of the early performances of Misery.

Today’s, earpieces are wireless and tiny and made with cutting edge technology. However, contrary to what many people assume, the entire script is not prompted to the actor. The human prompter with a headset stands offstage holding a script and watches the monitor. At the first sign of a break in the rhythm in the actor, the prompter talks directly to the actor and helps him with the lines.

Musicians use the in-ear monitor to hear the proper mix while performing. The earpiece is also frequently used to get onstage cues. If the artist is singing a new song, there are instances when the lyrics are forgotten. A pre-recorded vocal trackis heard through the earpiece as a reminder. Even dancers also use earpieces because they want to be reminded of the dance moves.

Complex theatrical moments have to follow a rhythm. It also requires precise timing across all the departments. The trick is to cue the musicians in the pit through a steady monotone beat set off by a conductor. This will be heard by the team through their earpieces.

It is apparent that individuals wearing an invisible earpiece do not want the device to be obvious to onlookers. The earpiece has no wires or cables that connect to a cell phone of the transmitter so that it cannot easily be seen by others. Opt for the beige earpieces that closely matches with the skin.

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