Japan’s Big 4 In Motorcycle Manufacturing Work Together In Replaceable Battery Technology

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha, the four biggest Japanese manufacturers have forged an agreement to work together in standardizing the replaceable battery technology for electric motorcycles. At present, Honda motorcycles that are sold in the market have a fuel system that delivers the right amount at the right place for best performance.

The goal of most manufacturers of electric cars and motorcycles is to abandon fossil fuel in favour of the electric drive. Several countries across the world including some the biggest nations in Europe have announced plans of banning the sales of new vehicles that are powered by internal combustion engines at some point in the next decade.

However, the problem with electric motorcycles is the current range per charge which is very disappointing. Even if you choose the most expensive battery options, the costs would be significantly higher than the average gasoline-powered equipment. Another problem is the charging networks. Some countries have extensive coverage while others have insufficient infrastructure to cover electric needs.

One of the solutions that have been suggested is the installation of charging points where a rider can leave a drained battery and pick up a fully charged one. This idea seems ideal on paper but will manufacturers agree on a common battery and charging architecture? At present there is a complex network of several incompatible batteries.

The four of the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers are working together in designing compatible batteries. According to press reports in Japan, initially, the deal will focus on small commuter models with engine capacities up to 125cc. This will be the first attempt for a group to work outside the confines of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association. It is also the first attempt for Japanese manufacturers to display a clear intent to work on mass producing electric two-wheeled vehicles.

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