Keeping a Clean Slate as a Wedding Planner

Things which one has painstakingly worked for so long would be very precious and sentimental. The same is through with a wedding and event planner in Rockmart which did everything within its power in order to defend the esteem of its wedding company.

The conflict started to heat up when one of the allegedly unsatisfied customer of this Georgian wedding company has commented on its Facebook promotion page regarding the supposed disappointing service that the company rendered to her wedding day. Addressing the people who visit their page, the woman tried to discourage the company’s potential customers by ensuring them that their services are not worth the pay and they are better off with other wedding planners instead. Furthermore, the woman has specified that the company “rushed” them to continue with the tossing of the bouquet, although they were not ready for it yet.

Trying to clarify all the allegations being thrown at them in the hope that they would be able to clear up their name, the company argued, on the same social media platform, that the mistake was not on them, but was actually on the couple themselves. The company stated that the wife and the groom were late to the reception which pushed them to cut short some parts of the program, including the dances, the dinner, and some speeches among others.

Following their response to the woman’s comment, the company urged her to unlike their Facebook page. Moreover, many personalities have also expressed their concern over the issue as they believed that the company could have been more professional in handling the problem. They could have established a more private discourse with the client instead of directly replying to the comment.

On the other hand, many business owners including the Tracie Domino Events in Tampa, Florida expressed their support towards the Georgian wedding company. They have emphasized that the company have the all the rights to defend the repute of their company at all cost. Furthermore, since the harsh criticism was publicly made, they also had to clarify the issue on a public platform in order to keep the trust of their followers.

In the end, being an event and wedding planner is neither an easy nor a simple job, sometimes you need to stand up firm to protect your reputation which you have worked hard for so long.

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