Large Swarm Of Termites Descend On Sunset

Every year, termites cause billions of dollars in property damage and homeowners are forced to spend for effective pest management provided by pest control in Sydney. Most homeowners are not aware that their property has termites until they notice some hollow spots on exposed wood. Use of pesticide to eradicate termites is not recommended because it can expose the family to unreasonable risks.

Residents of Sunset were frustrated recently by the barrage of large winged insects that were seen flying in the neighbourhood. One of the neighbours wrote that they were away from their home for a few weeks and when they returned, they found several numbers of insects flying inside their home with a much larger swarm in the yard.

According to Christopher Grinter an entomologist from California Academy of Sciences, the insects are more likely the Pacific Dampwoodtermites which are the biggest specie of termites. The termite specie can be found throughout the West Coast but they usually prefer the cool coastal weather of the Bay Area. You can find these insects from August to October. When they swarm, it is usually before the sun sets.

The termite specie that is being experienced in Sunset is the reproductive males and females. As soon as they land, they drop their wings to find new mates and form new colonies. According to the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management, termites always live and work in colonies. They observe division of labour wherein sterile insects work in behalf of the reproducing insects.

Two generations of termites are often found in colonies meaning the offspring and their parents. Swarms of termites can do damage to a home but they prefer to feed on felled trees and stumps, decaying wood, grasses and bushes. It never hurts to inspect the property for presence of termites before they do create damage.

If you encounter a large number of termites during home inspection, the best option is to call pest control in Sydney that can provide effective and safe pest management without leaving hazardous chemical residue. Products that are safe for human health and the environment are used to provide customers with a high level of confidence.

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