Legislations That Allow Children Access To High Quality Childhood Education

Decades of research has established the first years of a child’s life as a period of incredible growth and opportunity. More than 90% of brain development occurs before a child reaches 5 years old. Since most single and married parents are employed outside the home, high quality childhood education at Star Bright Montessori is recommended so that children can realize their full potential.

However, only one half of the nation’s families is able to access high quality child education for their children because childcare costs have surged by 25% over the past decade. Early childhood programs costs 36% of a working class parent’s wages. Two-thirds of the nation’s states have infant care costs that exceed the average in-state 4-year college tuition in a university.

The prohibitive costs of childcare have resulted to 12 million children under the age of 5 without experience in high quality education which is very important for their future success. The remaining option for parents is less expensive and low quality childhood education.

In order to encourage employers to expand access to childcare, the Trump administration proposed a one-time $1 billion investment. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) offered a comprehensive plan of free childcare to families that earn less than twice the poverty line. The objective is to cap costs of licensed early childhood care at 7% for every single family in a country.

Child Care for Working Families Act by Senator Pat Murray (D-Wash) will double the number of children who will be considered eligible for public childcare subsidy programs. This legislation is a promising step towards a healthy and fruitful future for children.

The fact is, children need more than just a safe environment when their parents at work; they require opportunities that will build positive relationships with educators and their peers. Larger steps must be taken by the nation to transform early childhood education.

The main priority of Star Bright Montessori is to provide children with a nourishing, enriching and safe environment so that their social, emotional and cognitive skills can build into successful adulthood.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to shape their children’s minds and attitudes towards learning.

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