Luxury For Less: Wedding In Sukhumvit On A Budget

The most jam-packed places to dine in Bangkok is not a restaurant served by fussy waiters. It’s actually the food court located at the Terminal 21 shopping mall. It might also be a good venue for a wedding in Sukhumvit, while working on a budget.

The stalls on the fifth floor of this mall serve various dishes and cuisines including Hainanese, Indian, Chinese, Thai, spicy papaya salad, rice noodles, halal, vegetarian, soup with fish balls, and fresh fruit juices. Many of the people here line-up just to buy a 100-baht debit card or around $3 just to buy from these eateries.

Evan Roe, a native from Washington, D.C. says he’s overwhelmed with the prices of the food here. More people come to have lunch even if it’sjam-packed because foods are great and inexpensive. Roe used to live in Bangkok and came here with a friend. Just wondering though if a wedding in Sukhumvitcan be done here.

The exotic city of Bangkok allows you to eat, drink anything, stay and be pampered more than what you enjoy in New York and other cosmopolitan cities. There are times you have to struggle with your preloaded debit card and have great meals including duck with noodles, mango with sticky rice and dumplings.

To travel back and forth Bangkok from New York City via Etihad Airways will cost less than a trip from U.S. or Europe. It’s may be around $689 against more than $1000. Having to book yourself for a wedding in Sukhumvitin a luxury five-star hotel will cost you as low as $100 price range. You can compare that to an overnight stay at the Peninsula New York for about $545.

Plus, it can only take you up to 24-hours to get to Bangkok from the eastern U.S. if you are able to get a non-stop flight. When you arrive here, you just have to pay $10 for a massage that can relax your stressed muscles.

Airfares to Asia and other continents have been lowered down due to lower airplane fuel prices. A stronger U.S. dollar has made traveling to other countries more reasonable. It simply means a trip to Asia is more possible for any American citizen. With the European Union plagued with terrorist attacks, Asia is considered an interesting option. It can also be for a great wedding in Sukhumvit to celebrate.

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