Machine Produces Custom Boxes

There are many instances wherein small products are shipped by sellers in big sizes that are too big for the item. This way of packaging results to a lot of waste in cardboard as well as cargo space. These are only acceptable when you buy boxes for moving since household items are usually large and too many to pack in small boxes.

This pressing concern is what prompted Slimbox, a company, to develop a solution for the existing problem. They designed a machine that has the capacity to create boxes according to custom size or one that will perfectly house a product.

The Slimbox machine resembles that a thickness sander that is available at woodshops but instead of wood, the machine needs to be inserted with a single piece of flat cardboard. The Slimbox will then cut the cardboard depending on the size of box you need. Cutting is done through laser and the resulting cardboard can be folded into a box.

To make sure that the custom box will be the perfect size for the product, the machine comes with a scale used to measure the object. The dimensions will then be inputted into an application that is designed specifically for the machine. It is available in both Android and iOS platform.

If you are planning to ship a heavy item, you can choose to increase the size of the box in order to accommodate additional packaging to ensure the condition of the item. For fragile products, Slimbox can produce supports that will help in cradling the item inside the box to avoid damage. The machine can also cut up all the remaining cardboard to create a cushion for the packaging.

As for the price of the machine, Slimbox has not released a price yet but interested buyers can pre-order online. For sellers this is a good idea to reduce the amount of cardboard waste and to make sure that the packaging is perfect for their products. The only concern they have to think about is that the machine needs corrugated cardboard in order to create the folding boxes. With this machine, you don’t have to buy boxes for moving but instead create custom ones that will accommodate all your belongings.

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