Mag Wheels: Why Or Why Not?

The demand for mags is something car makers is now beginning to respond to. Steel wheels are much cheaper, but mags are becoming another option. Some cars and 4-Wheel drives will now come with mags or will be offered as upgrades at additional cost. These mag wheels are a good option and can be an improvement for any vehicle on various points.


One of the major advantages of mags is the lowered unsprung weight of the wheels. This effectively keeps the vehicle lower on the road for better traction and quicker reaction even when in imperfect road conditions. Inertia from the wheels in movement is one very important aspect. The heavier the object in movement, the more energy required to speed up or slow down. Having mag wheels in Brisbane can be an important factor in keeping energy requirements low and will directly affect fuel consumption when accelerating or breaking.


Weight is a very important consideration for movement, energy, and inertia. In vehicles, heat is also an important factor. Mags are good at dissipating heat much more effectively than steel ones. There are additional slots in mags not normally found in steelies and these increase the areas in which air can flow. This increases break performance, preventing more instances of brake failures and providing a longer shelf life for car brakes.


There is also a wider choice of tyres that will not only change the look of a vehicle, but its performance as well. Depending on the fitment, be it low-profile or wide, there would be effective difference sin steering, cornering, rolling resistance, fuel economy, and braking stability.


Mags are a great choice and will bring great benefit to a vehicle, but there are downsides as well. Maintenance can be quite the chore with regular washing necessary to keep the optimal shiny finish. Cleaners must know their business as these mags have special requirements against certain chemicals that could cause damage to the coating. Parking must be done extra carefully to prevent hitting a curb that could damage the pricy alloy.


Having mag wheels in Brisbane can be truly beneficial to any car because they can change its overall aesthetic and performance. There are still some disadvantages that may dissuade most from the mags.

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