Malpractice Suit Filed By Widow Of Chris Cornell

The widow of the late Soundgarden singer, Chris Cornell, has a lot of questions left even after more than a year has passed since the passing of her husband. She is wondering why despite the presence of Ativan drug rehab facilities there are still medical practitioners that are prescribing the medication to their patients.

This is why she decided to file a malpractice suit to the doctor treating his husband prior to his death. The medical professional in question is Dr. Robert Koblin. Vicki, Chris Cornell’s widow, said that the doctor was not only negligent but also continued to prescribe medications to Cornel which is found to be dangerous as they alter the mind of the person taking them.

She claims that it is the reason why Cornell had cognitive impairment which clouded his judgment and led him to commit impulsive acts such as the suicide. It was May of last year when Cornell took his own life.

The suit detailed how Cornell received more than 940 doses of Lorazepam which is known to treat anxiety. This drug is also well known with its other name, Ativan. The prescription lasted from September of 2015 until the singer died. At the same time, the suit revealed, there was another prescription for Oxycodone despite the fact that no medical examinations or lab tests order from the doctor.

Aside from the charges above, Vicki also wants the doctor to answer for his negligence, willful misconduct and the fact that they did not receive any informed consent. The suit claims that Cornell has no idea about the negative side effects of Ativan which affected many of his daily functions such as decision making. The suit also claimed that the doctor knew Cornell has a high chance of getting addicted to medications but he did not monitor closely the amount of drugs prescribed to him.

Cornell was 52 years old when he was found inside a hotel room in Detroit after a performance. He took his own life by hanging. His wife believed that he should have been sent to Ativan drug rehab if they knew about his recent addiction. He entered rehab before in 2009 because of addiction to OxyContin.

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