Math Coaching Offered To Parents

Parents know how hard it is to teach their kids something they are not well versed with. This is the reason why there are Chinese tuition Singapore and other subjects in order for those who are experts in the topic to educate the children. There are those that cannot afford the cost of a tutor therefore, they find other alternatives.

The 32-year-old mother from Singapore, Madam Normaya Johari, can agree to this. She has been having trouble coaching her small daughter about the concepts in mathematics. Therefore, she talked to Mr. Faizal Jamil who is her husband. She told him to free up his Sundays so they can participate in a pilot program that will give them the chance to learn how they can be proactive in their child’s learning.

Mr. Faizal, 35 years old, said that he found the classes very interesting and it makes things easier for them parents because they get to learn the concepts. Aside from the mathematical lessons they are getting, the couple also indulged in play activities their 6 years old daughter right at the closing of every session.

He added that the program surely made a shift on they come together as a family. After their work every day, they are now hands-on in coaching their daughter regarding her homework.

The program was founded because of three major Malay/Muslim organizations in the country. The goal is that by 2019, they will have coached 1,500 Malay parents along with their children. This program is free and is designed t be the improved version of a previous self-help group.

The KMM program was developed mainly to help families who are struggling financially with earnings at or below $450. They must also have a child between the ages of four and six years old. The program offers six free sessions unlike Chinese tuition Singapore where the students get to have as many sessions as they want but they are charged accordingly. The six sessions will be dedicated to the numeracy concepts while another four will be given to promote bonding and learning new life skills.

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