Meet Acanvas, A Remote Controlled Canvas

The latest crowdfunding campaign introduced a smart remote controlled digital canvas, which enables its users to upload photos from a pre-installed photo collection or own photos.

A unique digital canvas

Acanvas, a South Korea and Santa Clara based project that has a successful initial campaign, is a unique kind of digital canvas. It is positioned on a wall and allows its users to modify the home design using one click of a button.

It is really a 23 inch sized digital screen that includes a connection via WiFi which can be hung easily on walls without the need to dig holes, and use screws and cables. The best part is its ability to charge itself.

Living art exhibit

Acanvas is started up with the use of an iOS or Android application. With its partnership with the Fine Art America, a huge collection of artworks from varying genres are synchronized with it. Aside from this, a user is able to project own art pieces or self-made photos.

To keep its users from being lost in a multitude of display options, the pieces of art are organized per style from classical to modern, called “the Pandora of art pieces.” The channels update with the latest art pieces frequently, which makes it convenient and easy to be familiar with the latest artists and pieces. To note, this is not part of the basic package. Finally, like every other AI based system, the greater a user interacts with this application, the better it is going to match a user with the art pieces which correspond to preferences.

Features of Acanvas

Even if the canvas is no revolutionary concept, its most innovative features include the automatic retractable cable, built-in battery and its mobile charging station. This means that it is going to charge while its owner is away or when the sensors discern darkness when its owner is sleeping. The campaign has promised for the canvas to operate quietly and smoothly. The product will last about four to five hours before the need to recharge again.


This system that allows Photos on Canvas to display in a digital screen is something that is currently making waves. Indeed, it is a unique way to showcase art pieces and own photos on the wall.

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