Microsoft’s Australian Hiring Spree

Microsoft Australia has recently made headlines, making decisions that took employment scene by storm, with a recent hiring frenzy that lead to the employment of dozens of data centre technicians across Australia, in the three cities of Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

For whatever reason they hired so many, whether for looking through commercial fitouts in Canberra or handling the latest data centre innovation, Microsoft Australia has refused to elaborate on the reasoning for the major HR investment.

The company had posted advertisements for data centre technicians in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, with eight, seven, and seven openings in each city, respectively. The Melbourne chapter even had an opening for the position senior data centre technician, whilst Sydney had openings for two data centre inventory and asset technicians.

The Canberra recruitment drive also has other, non-data centre related openings, including four openings for pre-sales roles for analytics, productivity, CRM and Azure app development, an opening for a field engineer, a cloud solution architect, and a service delivery manager.

As stated before, Microsoft remained tight lipped on the subject, refusing to respond to any inquiries from the media. The ads for the openings were closed for applications soon after media caught word, at least for the data centre openings. The other are still posted, and currently being advertised on LinkedIn.

Recruiting around 20 data centre techs would be a big decision for a company that primarily have co-location affiliates run data centres, instead of operating it themselves, especially in a country like Australia, where public cloud services are common place.

Rumours spread among the IT community in the ACT, saying that Microsoft had plans to launch a local availability zone in the region, though word also says that other major providers are also looking to do the same.

As of right now, Microsoft has two Australian availability zones one in Sydney, the other in Melbourne. These zones work on Azure, Office 375 and CRM Online. Canberra, which hosts several HQs for Australia’s federal government agencies, remain untouched by Microsoft’s cloud services. Microsoft might soon look for commercial fitouts in Canberra, given the opportunity, due to the high IT budgets of the agencies and companies operating from there.

Other representatives from the field, such as Managing Directors from other cloud providers, have speculated to the reasoning behind Microsoft Australia’s recent behaviour, though nothing concrete to prove or disprove the theories has surfaced.

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