Modern Options To Replace Missing Teeth

There are people who suffer from tooth loss due to disease or trauma and the loss can significantly affect their confidence and quality of life. There are several options to replace missing teeth from Easton dental implants to full or partial dentures. You can achieve a beautiful smile through affordable implants made from quality materials.

Dentures used to be the only option for missing teeth but there are several disadvantages to wearing dentures. It can be very embarrassing when the dentures shift in public. It can be very uncomfortable if bits of food are lodged in the dentures while eating in a restaurant. Chewing gum must be avoided as well as sticky foods.

Dental implants are considered a better option to dentures; however, there are new modern options like All-on-4s or Snap-on-Dentures. The All-on-4s is considered superior to all other options because it is stable, resistant, strong and the bite is similar to normal bite. No extra hygiene is required except regular brushing and visits to the dentist.

Minor surgery is required in All-on-4s because 4 dental implants and sometimes more have to be inserted into the jawbone. The patient has to wait for 4 to 6 months for the implants to fuse to the jawbone before 1 or 2 arc bridges with crowns are permanently placed on top of the implants. However, the drawback to this option is its price. Also, people suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or cancer are not candidates for the All-on-4s.

The snap-on-dentures are better than regular dentures but they are not as good as the All-on-4s. The procedure is similar to the All-on-4s that requires 2 to 4 dental implants. A new denture may be fabricated or the old denture can be adjusted so that clips can be attached to dental implants. Snap –on-dentures is the option for those who are not candidates for the All-on-4s.

People with missing teeth can get amazing smiles through Easton dental implants for an affordable price. It is difficult to find a dental clinic that with affordable prices but in Easton, dental implants cost $2,000 only. Discounts have been negotiated with dental manufacturers so that dental implants will be cheaper without compromising quality.


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