More Proof That Vaping Is Safer Compared To Smoking

If you use your search engine and type in the word vaping, you might be met with a lot of articles saying vaping is bad. Nowadays, not everything online should be trusted unless it came from a reliable source backed with studies and research. Most of the stories revolved around the claim that e-cigarettes are bad to the health, cases of explosions and its influence to teenagers smoking younger than legally allowed. Smokers who though that vaping will be a good alternative will instead back away and continue smoking since the articles are implying that vaping is not safe.

The fact is that vaping is not dangerous. In the last year alone, many evidences have surfaced regarding the fact that e-cigarettes are safer compared to smoking. In 2017, a publication was released which contains the study of vaping. Within the publication, studies were conducted on people who used to smoke then shifted to e-cigarettes for 16 months on average to see the difference in level of toxicant from those who smoke continuously. The study’s funding came from Cancer Research UK and the result showed that those who shifted to vape have considerably less carcinogens as well as other toxic compounds in comparison to people who smoke.

Cancer risk was also studied from both vaping and smoking and the result showed that vaping’s cancer risk is only 1 per cent of that from smoking. E-cigarettes, are basically less dangerous, since there is not tobacco in the content. It has been established that chewing tobacco or inhaling the burnt product can have a huge impact on people’s health. This is not to say that vape is harmless but studies are confident that human’s health will positively benefit from vaping compared to smoking.

The United Kingdom has changed their policy because of the new studies and England is now encouraging smoking residents to shift to vaping instead. This campaign was joined by various organizations such as the British Medical Association and Royal College of General Practitioners as they released reports that e-cigarettes are recommended for people who want to stop smoking.

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