Morocco Establishes Health Insurance Fund

Human health and welfare are two of the most important things that the government must uphold. Most likely, anyone would agree that health is an important asset that everyone must treasure and take care. In fact, in order to provide a plethora of people the health insurance and services that they deserve, a number of companies have already founded themselves on the said niche. For instance, the Pacific Cross Health Insurance at offers great health insurance in Thailand most especially in terms of emergencies.

Moreover, as they always say, the primary duty of the government is to serve and protect its people. And apparently, the Moroccan government just did as they established their Moroccan Health Insurance Fund.


Also known as CMAM, the Moroccan Health Insurance Fund was finalized by the Moroccan legislative body, applying the draft decree No. 2.19.328 for the application of Law No. 2.18.781. In a nutshell, the insurance fund longs to replace national insurance funds and some public cooperative funds.

As stated by Saad Eddine El Othmani, the Department of the Head of Government, confided that the draft decree will be presented to the Government Council on the eleventh of July. Providing the Basic Compulsory Health Insurance System or AMO, the Moroccan Health Insurance Fund will work for the benefit of employees and public sector beneficiaries among others.

Through the Years

Moreover, the new insurance fund could also accommodate public and private students, most especially those who became victims of different types violence, including but not limited to human rights violations. By the end of 2017, the AMO beneficiaries ballooned to approximately three million and it was an apparent increase of 0.2% from the year before.

Being undeniable veterans in the industry, they have already worked for at least thirteen years and thus they already have tons of ideas most especially in terms of implementations of the provisions relevant to the AMO’s governance as managed by the CNOPS.

All in all, the CMAM is undoubtedly a commendable effort of the Moroccan government. When the decree turn into a law, in no time, more people could now avail of the quality services just like the outstanding service that the Pacific Cross Health Insurance at provides.

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