Multimodal Transport For China’s Logistics Industry

Piggyback transport system is a method wherein a truck is transported through a train. China’s logistics system believes that this system is the best way to address its woes in today’s era of big data. The system will allow road and rail transport to be combined as one to save on costs, improve efficiency and ease congestion in highways.

In the piggyback system, the truck will be loaded on the train and will be unloaded when the train reaches its destination to continue towards places where the train is unable to go. Aside from trucks, trains can also accommodate containers and semi-trailers. According to Kang Fengwei, general manager of CSRTC, the piggyback system will be used along Shenhua’s railway routes while utilizing data of Huochebang so that goods will be transported efficiently.

In Chinese Huochebang means truck groups. There are 630,000 registered truck drivers in the system. It is often referred to as China’s Uber in the truck industry because it provides information on 5 million pieces of freight daily. On the other hand, Shenhua owns the railway routes that spans more than 2,000 kilometres.

Piggyback transportation system is an example of a multimodal transport that combines at least 2 of logistics means that include rail, road, sea and air in one freight contract for the receiver. The system is suitable for mid and long distance transport of goods.

In the United States, the most common multimodal transport used is truck-rail, truck-sea and rail-sea links for routes that are more than 800 kilometres. In Europe, multimodal transport accounts for 25% of all transport means in 2015.

Transport links are not common in China because of the presence of tight control on the rail network. Railways are considered as merely transport vehicles for public use and not a component of the logistics industry. With the development of multimodal transportation, efficiency is improved and the environment is protected.

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