New Partnership To Create Smart Cards For Biometric System

With technology, nothing is impossible. We can now create novelty ID if we wishes too and the possibilities are endless. With the recent partnership between Next Biometrics, a developer of fingerprint sensor technology, and M-Tech Innovations, the industry is looking forward to new things they might be working on together. For instance, the two companies are now developing smart cards which can be used in biometric system. Once the technology is proven to be a success, it will be originally deployed in India.

The collaboration was done because each of the company has something to offer. For NEXT, it is known for its sensor technology which is essential in making smart cards and M-Tech is considered to be a specialist when it comes to manufacturing smart cards.

The main goal of the two companies is to create smart card solutions that will interact with the dual interface of a biometric system and the product should also be contact-based. In addition, they wanted to follow the latest banking card standards that have been announced in India.

Alain Faburel, the chief sales and marketing officer of Next Biometrics, said that they are happy to announce regarding the partnership between M-Tech and their company. They are looking forward because of the great potential that will come out of the partnership.

Based on the Business Update they have released for January 2019, the company is currently in the middle of creating a sustainable network that will touchdown on the top players of smart card manufacturing in order to raise its potential to enter the market. The dual interface technology can not only be used in the banking industry but in other applications as well.

India recognizes M-Tech as a trusted maker of cards for RuPay, MasterCard and Visa. The company is also a leading provider of technical solutions to the industries of electronics, banking and telecommunications.

Vijay Gandhi, the chairman and managing director of M-Tech, said that the sensor technology created by Next can be used to raise security along with accuracy. Companies no longer have to worry about mistaking novelty ID for smart cards because of the technology used to create the products.

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