New Research Suggests That UK Motorists Might Be In Jeopardy Due To Buying Bad Parts For Used Cars

Companies like Fox shocks know that used cars need a lot of small repairs, as well as new parts, in order to keep them in good condition. The issue for motorists is the used car parts can be expensive for older models as their components might not be in regular service, making them difficult to acquire.  This has resulted in the UK’s motorists going online in order to find alternatives and save money.

Research from Zero Deposit Car Leasing says that UK’s budget-restrained motorists have turned to eBay in order to get parts at a premium, with purchases made every two seconds in the country, on average. They state this can save money in the short term, but increased repair bills could hit wallets hard later down the road.

Parts from third-party suppliers don’t have the same quality guarantees as those from garages, meaning that they can break easily, which could result in repair bills in the thousands, as well as going to companies like Fox shocks to get replacements.

According to the automotive group, complicated jobs like repairing air compressors could cost about £1,000, while repairing any issues brought about by third-party tools to parts can cost close to about £800.

Zero Deposit Workshop Technician Neil Bailey says that buying auto parts from eBay have become popular. He says that, while it’s a good thing that motorists can get their cars at cheaper prices, they should do some research on sellers in order to make sure they get products that are reliable and of a high quality.

According to Zero Deposit Car Leasing, the most commonly available car parts on eBay are headlights (70,000 units), tyres (60,000 units), wing mirrors (57,000 units), and alloy wheels (30,000 units).

Insiders in the automotive industry report that the worldwide counterfeit car part market could be valued in the billions, with an annual revenue loss for the UK of £1.7million.

GOV.UK notes that the most common counterfeited parts for cars include brake pad filters, wheel rims, and airbags. They add that these fakes compromise the safety and reliability of vehicles, as these components may not operate in the way that they were intended to.

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