One-fourth Of UK Students In Secondary Level Have Private Tuition

If there is one thing that is starting to become a mainstay in the education industry, it is the availability home tuition to students. The problem is that private tuition can be an expensive service and not every student gets to have the same opportunity. This is why, in a statement, Sutton Trust said that government should give a dedicated funding that can be used by families that are in the lower income bracket who wants to provide their students the private tuition they need.

According to a poll, one in every four students in the secondary level has their own private tuition in order to supplement the regular school hours they have to learn their lessons. The commissioner of the survey is none other than Sutton Trust. According to the firm, the result of the poll showed that there is inequality in this side of the education industry. This is why they have decided to give the government a shout out to let them know about this particular support that lower income families need.

The poll was done by Ipsos MORI with a total of 2,381 participants. These students range from 11 years old to 16 years old and they are from either Wales or England. According to 27 per cent of the participants, they have hired private tuitions. For students in London, the total percentage reached 41 per cent.

Sutton Trust’s chair, Sir Peter Lampi, said that it is essential to ensure that the playing field in terms of academic opportunities is the same regardless of who the students are outside of their schools. The reason why private tuitions are hired by parents is to make sure that their children excel or do better in school. Thinking about the students who do not have the money to pay for one makes it obvious that the ones who can afford have the bigger advantage academically.

The same survey showed that 47 per cent of the students with home tuition wanted someone to help them in their schoolwork while 33 per cent said that their tutors are helping them to pass the GCSE examination.

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