Organizers Back Out From Belfast Summer Street Party

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For the past ten years, a downtown street is closed to traffic for one night in August. Thousands of folks go out to dance, eat, ride and play. It is a huge party that will be redesigned this year. The group that sponsored Belfast Street Party since 2010 has announced that it will no longer be involved in the event this year.

Our Town Belfast has decided to step down from the summer street party after thoughtful deliberations. According to Zach Schmesser, executive director of the program, the board of directors decided on non-participation due to several reasons. August is a challenging month for businesses and instead of participating in the street party; they prefer to have a vacation themselves.

Last year, it was particularly noticeable that there was a shortage of volunteers which does not match with the organization’s mission. Our Town Belfast is part of a national network of programs that wants to build stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.

The street party is an overwhelming experience for many people but it is not always in a good way. The rides are not free and parents have to explain to their children that they cannot participate like other families. The event must be family friendly meaning that it must not cost money.

However, Councillor Mike Hurley does not think that it is a wise decision to stop holding the street party. August is the best time of the year to hold an event because college students are home for the break and there are summer visitors who are expecting the party experience.

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