Palmerston North Personal Trainer Recognized By Palmerston North Network

Personal trainers, like those that work at Fithaus, aim to do what they can to help people get in shape, not only to look good, but also to take care of their health.

Such was the case with Josh Everson, a young Palmerston North personal trainer, who was on track to getting type-2 diabetes back when he weighed 135kg. Before he graduated from Palmerston North Boys’ High School, he decided to get in shape, losing 55kg, before deciding to become a personal trainer.

His work with the local youth was recently recognized, when he received a Palmerston North Network Youth Week Award, which was presented to him by the Mayor, Grant Smith, and the city’s Youth Space. The nomination was anonymously made by his boss and mentor and Roger Symes.

Everson has stated that he considers it an honor to receive the award. He adds that the award has opened a lot of opportunities for networking for him, and, with the vast majority of his clientele being the youth of Palmerston North, which he says is a clear sign that his work as a personal trainer is valid. He reassured the parents who learned of him receiving the award, saying that they can rest easy as he does what he can to provide their kids a good environment, like anyone who works in Fithaus or any personal trainer, where they have someone who they can lean on, who believes in them and helps them.

Everson, who is 21, says that helping the youth is a fun market to be a part of, as his clients see him as an older brother figure, which helps their relationship and training move along.

On top of his personal trainer endeavors, he also offers five students yearly from Palmerston North Boys High School and St. Peter’s College a free health and well-being scholarship, where they’ll train with him every week for a year.

Everson says that it’s scary to see people no older than 10 years old weigh enough to be counted as morbidly obese. He says that these kids have so much potential, and that, by giving them the environment and the opportunity to train in a safe place, it might help them figure out what they do with their lives when they grow up.

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