Patients Undergoing Plastic Surgery Prefer The Instagram Face Of Celebrities

According to a plastic surgeon, the trend among influencers and models is the Instagram face. Through plastic surgery, the face will look perfect without any blemishes to achieve the best selfies. Jia Tolentino, a writer describes the Instagram face as young, with pore-free skin and plump high cheekbones. The pretty face is highlighted by cat-like eyes, cartoon inspired eyelashes, full lush lips and a small neat nose.

The Instagram face is considered as the perfect model for a plastic surgeon but the question is the celebrity who is most ideal for the Instagram face. Makeup artist to the stars Colby Smith has described the Instagram face as an unrealistic sculpture that is made out of clay.

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond told writer Tolentino his clients have different preferences on what they desire to look like. There is actually no template for an ideal face because there are different symmetries, proportion and harmony. Balance must always be achieved in the face.  .

Clients go to Diamond for cosmetic alterations; most of them are celebrities. He has mentioned a few celebrities with common facial elements like high contoured cheekbones, strong projected chin and the flat platform under the chin that creates a ninety angle.

Today, cosmetic surgery is already acceptable and more widespread. Many clients want to look like popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian or someone who looks like her. At least 30% of his clients bring a photo of Kim because she is at the very top of their list.

However, Diamond shares that a celebrity face might not be the solution for a client. One of the biggest challenges is explaining to the client that is may not be reasonable to imitate Kim’s face. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian claims that she has not undergone major plastic surgery; it is all botox, fillers and makeup.

When appearance is improved through plastic surgery, it provides the patient with more confidence to interact with other people. However, your aesthetic preference may be different from the procedure you require. It is common for people to have different views of beauty. It makes sense to discuss your preferences and expectations with the plastic surgeon before making a decision.

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