Port Douglas Open For Business

Business owners in Port Douglas recently felt sudden decline in visitors after a weather reporting that falsely claimed that the region is suffering from widespread flooding. While it may be true for Western Queensland and Townsville, the same cannot be said of Port Douglas. Due to wrong assumptions, hotel bookings have declined and charter transport services also felt the negative effects of the false reporting.

Business owners are now urging visitors to come back to the region because they are open for business and ready to serve customers. Last month is the quietest February the region has seen in many years and this is mainly due to the wrong message conveyed by the weather report. People assumed that the whole Far North region was flooding and cannot cater to tourists.

Local business owners wanted visitors to know that this is not the case. Even through the wet season, Port Douglas is still an ideal place to visit in the North. Nigel Quinn, the owner of Mocka’s Pies and Bakehouse, said that the wet season is actually one of the best times to visit the North. During the wet season, the prices are pretty good because there is not much crowd to compete with, restaurants are eager to entertain visitors and local businesses make sure to go the extra mile in order to please their customers.

On Mr. Quinn’s behalf, his business is always running every day all year. Instead of reducing the products they are offering, they are adding products that are suitable for the summer season to make sure the visitors can quench their thirst and combat the heat. Their menu expanded to include summer items like fruit salads and smoothies.

He revealed that the dry season is a new experience for many tourists because the local swimming holes are cleaned and refreshed after rainy days. This is when they recommend visiting the creeks and enjoying the water. Mr. Quinn urges tourists to get a hotel room now and book their charter transport services in order to experience the creeks when the crowd is still limited.

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