Private Mode Of Transportation Chosen Over Regular Taxis

Taxis have been people’s choice of mode of transportation for as long as anyone would remember but technology has produced a new one that is like private taxis. With taxis, all you have to do is to wait in line and ride to your desired destination. No more bus stops or train stations. No more stop overs. Private taxis like that only easier. You get to book a private car and pay through credit card, at the end of the journey. This has been implemented almost everywhere around the world.

Today, taxi drivers demand new rules to be implemented to prevent luxury private cars from putting them out of business. This private car business is called Uber. It is a smartphone app that allows you to book a car through your phone. With this business, passengers feel a lot safer and feel it’s more convenient for them to purchase. The app tells the user the location of the car they are about to book and even the ratings of the driver from previous passengers. It takes them from the discomfort of waiting in line for a vacant taxi, especially during rush hour. Uber may cost more than a regular taxi, but citizens would rather choose a little more pricy mode of transportation than discomfort any day.

The expansion of this business around the world has grown more than ever and taxi drivers have fealt threatened and are fighting back. Some taxi operators are pushing to ultimately shut down services like Uber. In a recent submission from NSW, its Taxi Council stated that private cars must not be allowed to become a part of the public transport system.

The chief executive of the Taxi Council, Joanna Lockyer, indicated that they have been calling out on the government to uphold the law of the land have been encouraging the department to increase their compliance activity. They were surprised that Premier Colin Barnett, premier of the state, would say that this business is definitely going to stay when it is clearly an illegal operation based on how it is enforced in the state. The Department of Transport spokesperson said that when investigating cases as such, it is highly appropriate to do surveillance on the matter.

Economic Regulation Authority has recommended sweeping off this private car services saying that current regulations are causing high fares and possibly unreliable services. ERA has also recommended the rules implemented that have prevented small charter operators from competing with taxis be removed. This business has certainly been a great convenience to the people and fighting to stop it would definitely create chaos. But taxi drivers are willing to fight on this to keep them in business.

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