Professional Reviews Vs. User Experience

The star ratings of a hotel will not matter if you did not enjoy your stay. According to William Beckler, the co-founder of, it is important to be mindful of the difference between user ratings and AAA Five Diamond ratings.

The basis of the AAA Five Diamond Ratings is evaluation which is undertaken by their inspection team. The Auto club’s full-time inspection staff visits the hotel without any prior warning so that they can evaluate service without any influence. During the evaluation, the team takes into account the hotel’s physical attributes.

On the other hand, visitors can stay at a great property but if it lacks critical elements like spa or 24-hour room service, it will not gain high ratings. In contrast, you can stay at a more modest inn without spa, room service, high-thread count sheets and samples of high-end shampoos and hair conditioners and yet you enjoy the stay because the bed was comfortable, the TV worked well and the breakfast was hearty and delicious.

According to experts, it is not unusual for guests to be satisfied with a lower-cost hotel because they do not expect perfection. This is the same as cutting some slack for a budget airline because the expectations are lesser. This is one of the reasons why user experience is more valuable than professional review. The problem though is most reviews are rife with inconsistencies and deception.

Sometimes it very difficult whether the review was actually generated from personal experience or if there was a compensation for the positive review. It is also possible for a hotel to disguise itself and publish bad reviews about a competitor.

Generally speaking, stars do mean something because in Europe, the ratings system is regulated by the government. While there is no consistency on how hotels are rated, achieving a 5-star is certainly more demanding.

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