Recovery of Demo Equipment And Inventory Control Of Rhenus Lupprians

Being the leading logistics company, Rhenus offers numerous logistics services to serve the needs and expectations of its clients to earn a reputable image in every area of logistics and its related services. The company has a team consisting of highly skilled professionals that is available at all times to support its clients’ calls.

A key area of the services of Rhenus Luppriansis the demo equipment management to support its clients’ marketing and sales teams. The company does demo management services for some global leading manufactures in the Healthcare sectors. The company’s modern facilities store and manage its clients’ demo inventory. The sales team of its clients loans their demo equipment to the potential client for demonstration purposes.

Rhenus checks and configures the demo inventory before releasing them to its customers as well as after the demonstration. This is to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and meets the expectations of the clients for successful demonstrations in the future.

Inventory Control

The professional team of Rhenus Lupprians conducts the process of inventory control. These professionals are experts in inventory control with long years of experience. The team ensures that all demo equipment used is brought to the location on time, allowing the client’s sales team to conduct the demonstration to the end clients’ decision makers. Rhenus is well-experienced and has close contact with major manufacturers that enable them to expertly configure the demo equipment at the stage.

The modern warehouses of Rhenus are situated in key cities all over the UK.  The professional team ensures that all demo equipment is safely stored using its modern management system in warehousing.

Demo equipment

All demonstration equipment is safely kept in Rhenus’ modern facilities. The company’s customers are ensured that all their equipment are secured which is accessible to configuration and pre-staging rooms where the company’s technicians can provide other services.

The company offers the following demo management services:

  • Same day product delivery to the customers
  • Removal of data of the patient
  • Decontamination of equipment of the customers
  • Configuration and pre-staging of product

Vehicles and equipment

Rhenus invests in modern specialist equipment to efficiently serve the needs of its clients. The vehicles used are designed in a unique manner to carry all sizes of equipment securely.

Rhenus is dedicated to the safe conduct of all demo equipment and keeps the company updated with the latest techniques and methods in the recovery and inventory control of demo equipment.

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