Reminders Before Clicking Anything

The Internet has taken over the world by storm and like it or not, it has taken charge of our lives, too. To begin with, having a reliable Internet connection, whether it’s for your home or workplace, has become an essential to one’s life. Why? Let’s put it this way. If you are not connected to the Internet even if it’s only for 24 hours, you are going to miss a lot of things. Why? Everything that is going on in the world, can now be posted in the Internet especially with the ever-growing evolution of the social media. Now, since the Internet has become a terrible open book wherein everything can now be seen by the people of the world, you have to be careful when a link urges you to “click here” regardless of what kind of website you are looking at, at that very moment. Carelessly clicking a link or a button in an unsafe website could be extremely dangerous in terms of the safety of your personal information, not to mention, your own protection.

If you are browsing in a website that urges you to “click here” to go to a specific page or do a specific action, you should think twice before clicking it. This could eventually save you from potential dangers. You see, the Internet has become another channel for some with inhumane agendas. For your own safety, below are some reminders before you open a link or click a button:

  • You may receive a suspicious email from a bank urging you to “click here” to update your personal information to help them update their database. This is one way of hackers getting your personal data and they can eventually use them to pretend that they are you. Ignore suspicious email.
  • Don’t download any kind of file that can be download from a received email or a website. This can be harmful to your computer especially if the file you are about to download is weaponized with a virus that has the ability to steal anything that is stored in your computer and eventually, kill your computer.

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