Reviews Are Only Important If They Are Credible

People trust King Kong marketing reviews as personal recommendations from a family or friend. Reviews are opinions from customers who have personal experience with a product and service. They want to share the experience with other consumers so that they can make confident buying decisions.

For many years, reviews have become a very important component of Amazon products. While reviews have remained critical for ranking and marketing, the best practices surrounding the reviews have significantly changed.

Over the last several years, Amazon discovered that many of the practices used in soliciting reviews have affected the reputation of reviews on the Amazon platform. One of the changes included rules that permit reaching out to customers to collect reviews and the incentives they can offer. Amazon wanted to strike a balance between legitimate solicitations for reviews and preventing fraud.

The trust the customers put on reviews is Amazon’s main priority in protecting their reputation. Reviews are important if they are credible. When a consumer reads positive reviews, customers feel confident in knowing that the product or service will fulfil their expectations. Reviews are very critical in increasing traffic from search engine results page (SERP). Product rating also appears in SERP together with the ads which help consumers in filtering results by average reviews.

The King Kong marketing reviews and ratings that the digital agency receives from its customers help in achieving confidence towards their service. Reviews play a key role in generating leads and conversions because they provide customers with the ability to determine whether the service will match their needs.

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