Ridiculous Number Of Bathrooms For Stadiums Waste Taxpayer’s Money

A South Carolina bill allows football stadiums to bypass existing international building codes so that taxpayer’s money will not be flushed on the excessive number of toilets. The bill that was approved by the House with a vote of 101-0 will reduce the number of restrooms that are required by newly built and renovated stadiums constructed for the purpose of middle and high school sports.

According to Representative Anne Thayer, R-Belton, the bill’s main sponsor, it is not like people will be standing in line forever waiting to use the bathrooms. The bill is simply a reasonable common sense solution to a problem. Building codes that are adopted by states require a ridiculous number of restrooms at stadiums.

Representative Laurie Funderburk, D-Camden, said the number of stadium bathrooms required is more than what people could use. The bill is an effort to ensure not to build more restrooms than necessary because it is taxpayer’s money that they are spending.

Anderson School District I has already begun construction of a new stadium at Wren High School in Piedmont. If the bill came earlier, it would have saved the district $300,000 of taxpayer’s money. They are literally waiting for the bill to be passed to finish.

According to Rep. Funderburk, every additional toilet is expected to increase construction costs by $5,000. When Anderson’s 5 officials realized that the code will require an additional 53 toilets in women’s restrooms, they did not even bother with calculations. The stadium can only seat about 8,250 people and attendance is typically a few thousand. It does not justify the cost of constructing additional restrooms.

For men, the code’s requirements are not an issue because the district only needs to add 2 more. During championship games that attract bigger crowds, portable restroom trailers can be rented to meet the need.

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