Robotic Furniture Transform With The Press Of A Button

Some of the older generation are now accusing the younger ones of being lazy and impatient. There are those that call them as the ‘microwave oven’ generation because similar to cooking in a microwave oven, they want things in an instant. The new generation would also have no problems depending on advanced appliances that could help them make their chores easier. What would the older generation think of this new robotic furniture piece that transforms with the push of a button? Will they also think that this new piece of product will only make the younger generation lazier?

Several years ago, MIT released a furniture product with an introductory price of $10,000. Nope, the hefty price tag is not attached to the name of some popular furniture or fashion designer. And it’s also not because this was made of some fancy designer materials. But it can do something that other furniture pieces can’t perform. It can transform like that of a real transformer robot (if that even existed in real life).

The said piece of furniture was dubbed as the ‘Ori Systems’. This is now available for purchase on a pre-order basis. However, you may not be able to purchase it anytime soon. The company only made this available to large-scale development companies. What could have made them come up with this decision?

As seen from the promotional video of the product, the Ori Systems is ideal for small spaces like condos and apartments. This is the perfect home furniture for single men and women. It’s a cabinet with a hidden bed that can be ejected by pushing a button. There’s also a button that can move the whole cabinet so that there would be more space in the room, ideal when you have guests at home or need some extra space for your home office work. The company must have thought that developers who can buy the product in bulk is more profitable that selling this on a retail basis. It is indeed simpler to have transactions with just a few businesses than to talk to several customers.

While the company only has one robotic furniture product for now, it is not impossible that they will be producing a robotic office furniture product in the future. Why? Businesses that have offices are considered one of the largest consumers of furniture. As indicated earlier, MIT obviously is targeting the business market. They might be able to make some extra profit making robotic office furniture, targeted for business use.

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