Round-The-world Travel Tips From Nomadic Families

The thought of packing up the whole family to go travel the world can seem a bit impossible. The costs of the flights, accommodations, meals and so on are some of the huge concerns especially for families with kids.

Even though it might seem challenging financially, many families having different incomes are able to do it. talked to some families asking how they make it happen.

Here are a few points on how these nomadic families afford to travel.

Katie Jacobson-Lang from Ottawa, Ontario

They travelled the world for nearly a year. They planned and saved in a four year period. They then left with their boys aged 8 and 10.

They were able to go to four continents and visited 18 countries. They went to seven European countries, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, South Africa and Namibia then to South America.

They spent around $120,000. Every penny was saved during the saving period. They cut the cable, did not eat out, drove their cars to the ground and did everything they could to save. They also did some borrowing from their RRSPs.

Talon Windwalker from Washington, U.S.

He is a single dad and has been travelling with his daughter for 4 1/2 years already. They do budget to mid-range travelling. They have been to six continents and nearly 40 countries.

They house-sit, do longer Airbnb stays and do short-term rentals when they plan to stay longer. Staying in a place longer for weeks to months compared just a few days saves money according to him.

They avoid touristy areas and those tourist directed restaurants. Walking also saves money for their meals. They walk often and take public transportation too.

He does online work like freelance writing, blogging, photography and medical transcription. When they were in Honduras, he taught scuba diving too.


With disciplined spending and planning, any family can attain their dreams of experiencing Europe, doing Tours of South America or visiting Southeast Asia. Whether that be saving a little and travelling cheap or putting aside some money for a few years, travelling is no longer out of reach.


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