Saw Blade Manufacturing Firm From China Requests For Product Review To Stop

The Department of Commerce of the United States is now cancelling a part of their administrative review for anti-dumping. The review focuses on products such as diamond saw blades and other related parts that are all imported from Chine. This is according to an announcement that was made by the agency which was also published at the Federal Register.

The agency also revealed that they are cancelling the review which they plan to make for Husqvarna Co. Ltd., a manufacturer from China. It is only one out of the 36 total companies that are part of the assessment. This is after the saw blade manufacturer together with Diamond Sawblades Manufacturers’ Coalition, the company petitioner, decided to back out from their requests to be reviewed last month of April.

The Department of Commerce revealed that it has first given notice to the company that it will be conducting a review on the diamond saw blades imported from China based on the anti-dumping law of the country. The notice was given last November of 2015 and they have already started on their investigation January of this year. The review covers products that have been imported starting November of 2014 until October of 2015.

According to the notice that was sent by the deputy assistant secretary for anti-dumping and countervailing duty operations of International Trade Administration, Christian Marsh, since Husqvarna has already requested to revoke the review, the company will be required to pay anti-dumping duties. Based on the assessment, the rate will be equivalent to the cash deposit that was estimated for the anti-dumping duties that is a requirement during the time they entered the country or the time it was withdrawn from the warehouse to be utilized.

The Court of International Trade in the United States has already guaranteed the anti-dumping duties which were reconfigured by the Department of Commerce. It has endorsed the decision for the tariff set by the agency for the Chinese manufacturer of the diamond saw blades as well as the decision of the agency to revoke the review regarding the dumping allegations that were filed by domestic manufacturers.

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