School Board Focused On Furniture For Central Office

An office will not function properly without the appropriate office furniture needed such as executive office desks. The same sentiment is shared by the Rowan-Salisbury School Board when they spent around 2 hours of their meeting in discussing the furniture fund alone that will be allocated to the recently built central office.

Every year the school has a budget set for the capital projects of the school system. The meeting discussed the cost which will be allocated for the furniture funding. Approval of the school budget is important so ongoing projects will resume and new ones can commence until the fiscal year ends. The school system’s budget will not be approved unless the state Legislature has given it a go.

The central office which is now being constructed In North Main Street was given $500,000 for the furniture which is included in the capital projects budget. Some of the board members are not sure why they need such amount of money and where it came from. Josh Wagner, the chairman of the board, was not present at the meeting.
Despite the long discussion which raises a lot of confusion, the budget was given an approval by the board though the furniture fund was not included. The funding discussion will be breached again in August for another work session.

Dean Hunters, the vice chairman of the board, expressed during the discussion his understanding that the new central office was already funded in full amount. Last November, the board has also made an approval which includes the bid for the construction as well as other costs which the new central office needs. The total cost was set at $7,984,503 and the $30,000 for the office furniture and equipment was already included in the total.

The new total fund for the central office has now come to $8,025,000. At the meeting, the board spent their time on calculating the exact fund which is set for the office. The discussion got more complicate since the assistant superintendent of the operations, Mr. Anthony Vann, was not present because of an out of town conference. Tara Trexler, explained where the $500,000 came and it was found out that it was in the budget by the school system allotted for the central office but the construction was kept on being delayed.

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