Short Term Accurate Weather Forecasts To Benefit Solar Generation

Australia is one of the world’s leaders in household solar power. At least 15% of the nation’s roofs have been fitted with PV panels. Because of the solar panels on the Gold Coast, energy costs have lowered and the reliance on fossil fuels has been significantly reduced. The state of South Australia leads in the uptake in energy and rooftop solar with renewable sources to account for more the 50% of the electricity generation.

However, UniSA Professor of Environment Mathematics John Boland said that the inaccuracy of short term forecasts on wind and solar generation has affected the costs of Australia’s renewable energy sector by at least $5 million during the last decade. With precise forecasts, solar farms with battery storage capabilities can predict that best time to sell or store their electricity.

It is very critical to precisely forecast the output of grid-connected solar systems to be able to increase the overall penetration of solar and renewable. Movement of clouds is very quick and creates complex atmospheric layers in different directions. Multiple issues have occurred over the past years because the present forecasting system for wind and solar is designed for longer timeframes.

There is a need for short term and more reliable forecasts to increase confidence for both the renewable generators as well as the entire industry. The $A1.2 million project has officially started to use data that has been generated through real-time sky cameras, satellite images and statistical modelling that has been designed as the world’s first short term forecasting model. Weather conditions can be accurately predicted from 5 minutes up to 2 hours.

The 18-month project will be implemented at 5 operational solar farms located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Professor Boland expects that the 5 systems will be fully operational at the solar farms by the end of the year so that a full year testing can be done.

The growing demand for solar panels on the Gold Coast is being addressed by qualified electricians who have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the solar panels installed will suit your needs. Do not miss the opportunity of accessing the free energy provided by the sun.

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