Six Tips To Choose Meeting Venue In Bangkok

Organizing meetings is a hectic task. It requires a lot of planning and management to make a meeting successful. Choosing the correct venue for the meeting plays a crucial role in the success of the meeting. Here are some tips to choose the right venue for your next meeting in Bangkok.

Location and accessibility

The location of the meeting venue plays an important role in maximising the participants. Choose a meeting room in Bangkok that is located close to the business district. The meeting venue should be easily accessible to the participants. It should be well connected to the mass transit stations, airport and other important locations in the city.

Accommodation options

If the delegates attending the meeting are travelling from other places, it is important to provide comfortable accommodation. Choose a hotel with meeting room in Bangkok as it will help you to save time required for transporting the delegates from the hotel to the meeting venue.

Suitability to the event

Consider the setting and theme of the meeting. The ambience of the meeting room should match with the theme of the meeting. The space, seating arrangements and other aspects of the venue should be ideal to suit the setting of the meeting.


Determine a budget for the meeting and allocate a part of it for the meeting venue. Visit different meeting venues in your preferred locality and study the prices. Know about the amenities and services offered at different venues and choose the best venue that falls within your budget.


You will need a lot of facilities in the meeting venue to aid in conducting the meeting. There should be modern audio-visual equipment, technical equipment, stationary, microphones etc. to help you handle the meeting well. Moreover, you will require additional amenities like ample parking, toilets, comfortable seats etc. for the delegates. Plan a visit to the venue and have a look at all the facilities and amenities provided there, before you finalize a venue.

Food and beverages

This is an essential part of organizing a meeting or conference. A large part of the budget goes to organizing the food and beverages. Choose a meeting room in Bangkok that offers catering facilities to the guests. The catering service of the venue should be able to handle last minute requests from the delegates and must provide various plans to choose from.

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