Smart Things To Do When Packing For A Move

Nancy Mattia from the Greater Media Newspapers compiled tips that are going to help one in moving efficiently to a new home.

Giving time to pack

In general, packing must be done as early as possible, since there might be more things than one realizes.

According to Ira Avdushev, the president of the Elite Moving and Storage located near Chicago, if there are things homeowners know that they will not need prior to a move, it should be packed, since this means that they are not going to pack all things at the same time while handling other things, such as chores, etc.

Choosing boxes well

When one has to ask boxes from local stores, take those that are clean, dry and sturdy, having tops or lids which close too. However, Avdushev said that these boxes should not be used for fragile items. A better option are glass and china boxes, since these have double walls which are sturdier.

Packing every room separately

Put all the master bedrooms’ things in one box, another box for kitchen things, and so on compared to combining everything from distinct rooms in one box. Avdushev mentioned that this is because of convenience, as it is easier to unpack a box which contains all items from that similar room.

Packing strategically

The way to pack a certain box is going to depend on what goes in it. According to Avdushev, heavier items should be in small boxes, since an average person is going to have a difficult time physically picking up big heavy boxes. Aside from this, a heavy box might also split from its bottom, Avdushev said. The large boxes will be best for lightweight things, such as clothing or pillows.

When packing the fragile items, packing paper must be used a lot. A thick padding should be created at the bottom, then every dish or glass can be put. Contents must also be tight inside the box. Fill empty spaces with towels or paper. Also place a different layer of packing paper on top before closing it.


If this is too much for anyone, there are home packing services in Sydney and in local areas to help with this job. They are also more knowledgeable in dealing with furniture and belongings.

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