Some Essential Vehicle Tyre Maintenance Guidelines

Tyres are an important accessory of a vehicle. They balance the vehicle and help it to run smoothly. Taking proper care of the tyres and keeping them in good condition is essential for safe driving experience. Regular inspection and maintenance of the tyres is an essential routine during car maintenance.

Here are five of the most important tyre care tips that help you to maintain the tyres on the Gold Coast in good condition for longer duration and enjoy a safe drive are


Tyre rotation is an important aspect of tyre maintenance. Since all the tyres on the gold coast, of a vehicle do not wear evenly, rotating the tyres at regular intervals ensures even wear. This prolongs the lifetime of the tyres. Vehicle owners should carry out tyre rotation according to the recommendations of the manufacturer or whenever advised by the mechanic.

Checking the tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is an important aspect that effects the safety of the vehicle and its fuel efficiency. Vehicle owners should inspect the tyre pressure regularly and before they take the vehicle on a long drive. Properly inflated tyres on the Gold Coast, provide proper friction between the driving surface and the vehicle and provide a safe driving experience and high fuel efficiency. The recommended tyre pressure for a particular vehicle can be found out from the instructions leaflet provided by the manufacturer or by searching the internet.

Tyre tread

The depth of the tyre tread is an important aspect to check in routine inspection. The tread helps to remove any water between the road and tyre and reduces the chance of skid. The tread depth gets reduced from time to time depending on the road conditions and driving speed.


Alignment is another important maintenance task. Wheel alignment involves properly aligning the axles and the wheels. Wheel alignment provides optimum balance between the wheels and the tyres on the Gold Coast, providing optimum driving efficiency. Regular wheel alignment improves the durability of the tyres by reducing the wear and tear.

Repair and replacement

The tyres on the gold coast should be regularly inspected for road worthiness. Any damaged tyres should be repaired immediately or replaced with a new tyre, if repair is not possible.

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