Some Popular International Football Tournaments

Football is the most popular sport around the world. More than half of the earth’s population watched the 2014 world cup on their television sets. Football aficionados are waiting with bated breath for the start of the 2018 world cup. There are many football competitions happening at the club level and international level. This is a list of some of the popular international football championships.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA world cup is the biggest football tournament in the entire world. The tournament takes place once in four years and features thirty two teams, who fight it off to win the coveted cup. Till date, the world cup tournament took place twenty times. The next world cup of 2018 is being hosted by Russia. Football fans can ดูบอลสด and get updates of all the exciting action on the field with the new age online live streaming sports channels.

FIFA Confederations Cup

The winners of Confederations tournaments, the hosts of World cup and the winners of world cup qualify to play in this tournament. It is organized every four years, just like the world cup. The most recent confederations Cup was hosted by Russia in June 2017. Never miss to catch up with your favourite team matches, get alerts and reminders of the matches and ดูบอลสดon your mobile phones and laptops.

UEFA European Football Championship

It is popularly known as EURO. This is the most popular football championship in Europe, which is also held every four years. The EURO has twenty four of the Europe’s best teams competing with each other. Euro cup was first played in 1958. The recent Euro cup took place in 2016 and was won by Portugal.

CONMEBOL Copa America

This tournament is mainly contested by the CONMEBOL countries, other international football teams are also invited to participate in the championship. The first Copa America tournament was played in 1916. There is no fixed interval for hosting this most sought-after championship. The last tournament was in 2016 and the next one is in 2019.

Football fans can watch all the tournaments happening across the world by subscribing to online sports channels. They can not only ดูบอลสดbut also receive alerts and reminders for upcoming matches, read reviews and statistics, hear to the commentary in their native language and receive live updates of the matches even on the go.

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