Songkran: Traditional New Year In Thailand

Thai New Year is almost here and it is considered one of the most important celebrations for the locals. The date is marked on everyone’s calendar and it is coincidentally happening together with the rising of Aries based on the chart of astrology. The same date can also be seen on the calendars of various South and South East Asian countries that are following the tradition.

The occasion is considered festive by those who are following the solar calendar made for the Buddhist or Hindu religion.

The question is when is Thai New Year for the year 2017?

Songkran, more commonly known as the Thai New Year is celebrated every year on the 15th of April. But it is typical for the entire country to observe a three-day holiday period which means that the 14th and 15th are holidays as well.

The word Songkran means astrological passage and it was derived from the Sanskrit letters. The celebration is an indication that the cycle of the 12 months are over and the new solar year is about to begin. They are following the movement of the sun which is believed to travel into Aries during the month of April.

Officially, the Thai people are already celebrating their New Year every 1st of January to celebrate alongside with the Western side of the globe but the traditional celebration remains every year and is still considered by the entire country as a national holiday.

In central Thailand, one will be able to witness the locals cleaning their houses before the New Year comes. The children alongside with the adults will then wear clothing with magnificent shades and colors.

Token of remembrance is offered by the people to their ancestors through offering food to the monks. People are also offering various tokens such as construction materials and sand. Others are releasing different types of animals from smaller ones, birds and fish, to larger ones such as cows and buffalo.

Tourists are coming in great numbers during the celebration of Songkran in order to party, drink and join in water fights. They are staying in various accommodations such as the Koh Tao villa for the entire duration of the festivities which lasted for a week in some areas.

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