Student From SOU Makes Record By Joining Honors Journal Scribendi

If you are aware of how Adobe InDesign works, then you have an idea that the publishing application is a complex one. This is the number one software used by majority of newspapers and magazine publications nowadays. It takes a lot more than a number of training sessions in order to become a master in InDesign.

Allie Sipe is a student of Southern Oregon University with a major in English. She is currently enrolled at University of New Mexico after being a part of an exchange program which is the first in history. When it comes to Adobe InDesign, she has a lot of experience to speak of and not just a few sessions of training. She is also the first student not coming from the school, after 31 years, to join the prestigious honours journal of the school which is called Scribendi. Sipe is willing to do everything in order to be successful in this new task.

When talking about the InDesign workshops she has done, Sipe admitted that it was one of the most challenging she has to do but it has also turned out to be the most rewarding. She started on the workshop the day she left Ashland which is on August 17. When she started, she has to go through the basic and they are using Mac in the workshop which she is not used to because she prefers to use a personal computer. What made her survive is the help of training tutorial videos she found online and watching them whenever she has the time. They also have projects at school which made her make use of her learning though they are only doing simple things such as designing flyers.

Sipe is at her senior year at SOU and she is now 21 years old. She was recently chosen, among many other candidates, to take a part in a yearly publication. The 2016 version of the said publication was set at 119 pages. The publication is called Scribendi and it is a non-profit magazine that publishes various creative works from short fiction, poems to creative nonfiction from submissions of students among 800 colleges.

InDesign training is very important if you want to enter the publishing field and it has proven to have paid off in the case of Sipe.

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