Suburban Development Is Shutting Down Last Classic Car Yard In Utah

America is as in love with their houses as they are with their classic cars, but in Utah, these two have met and clashed, and the latter lost. Suburban development in the state has lead to the closing down of its last salvage yards for vintage vehicles, and with its closing, taking down a 90-year-old family business and the hundreds of vintage vehicles it houses, marking the end of the era of vintage automotive parts and vehicles.

The issue of the parts yard, owned by Dennis McBride, was first highlighted by a local news station, who surveyed McBride’s Auto Wrecking, located in Granstville, with the owner pretty much admitting that the property was doomed. A look around the property made it clear to the news team, as identical mansions can be seen surrounding the property in every picture.

McBride says that the regulations have killed him, as they quadrupled his property taxes, on top of requiring liability insurance amounting to $1M just to stay, in the case of anyone coming into the property and getting injured.

Thanks to the aforementioned regulations, which are aimed at expediting the development of houses and appealing to homeowners, McBride now has to sell most of the land, as well any cars and parts he can possibly sell before the 15th of June, 2018, after which anything on the yard goes straight to the crusher. His family has owned the property since the yard was opened on the land of the defunct Grantsville Airport back in 1930.

Over the decades, McBride and his father, accumulated hundreds and hundreds of cars from the 40s to the 70s. Whilst most are in bad shape, many were viable options for restorations, or, if nothing else, good sources for vintage automotive parts, which can be infamously hard to find.

McBride admits that he won’t be able to save all the vintage cars in his yard, and even though he managed to have the town declare his lot’s hangar, gas station and surrounding lot as a historic property, he’s still not happy about it. He admits that he misses the days where people wanted and needed vintage cars and their automotive parts, but he accepts the sad fact that this is simply the way of the times.

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